Joanne LockleyMy Name is Joanne Lockley. I own Hutches Boarding. I am the only person who works here full time. I am normally dashing around in perfect organised chaos! or as my husband likes to say " I hop around faster than the Easter Bunny"!

I moved to Alyth with my husband and my 2 children in April 2004. I have owned small animals since the age of 3 years old and I have great respect for nature. Animals have and will always be a special part of my life I can not amagine a life without a pet.I have worked with animals of different shapes and sizes since leaving school. My passion is small animals such as rabbits and  guinea pigs.

When I moved up to Scotland I arrived with my 2 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 1 hamster & 3 cats. So as you can tell from this I am animal mad.

Hutches Boarding opened 1st in September 2006
I felt there was need of a safe, happy and caring place to stay for rabbits and guinea pigs to have a relaxing holiday.

(There were plenty of kennels and catteries around but what about small pets)! I had the place, space and knowledge so Hutches Boarding was born.

While pets are on holiday at Hutches Boarding I ensure they get an appropriate hutch size that is available for them. I have 100 hutches and cages for holiday boarding use, they vary in size.

Rabbits stay in either 5ft or 6ft hutches in either an inside area known as Mainbuilding area or outside area known as The Cage area. Guinea pigs stay in 4ft or 5ft hutches in the area known as The Mega-shed.

Below are some photos of the hutches your pet will be staying in.